N.C. Shrikanth, Ph.D.


IEEE Senior Member

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Dr. Shrikanth N.C. has been an innovator, practitioner, and researcher in software engineering for over 14 years. Currently, he is employed at Oracle America Inc to improve software developer experiences with the cloud infrastructure group. Before this Dr. Shrikanth obtained his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University where he focussed on simplifying software analytics by investigating practitioners' beliefs. During his Ph.D. Dr. Shrikanth worked with Dr.Menzies in his super cool Real-world Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering lab. Dr. Shrikanth has a track record of innovations supported by 3 granted US Patents; a rich work experience of 10 years spanning billion-dollar companies (Oracle, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Accenture, ABB, and Infosys). Dr. Shrikanth is an IEEE Senior member and certified programmer who has published papers in premier avenues including ICSE, EMSE, and TOSEM and reviewed articles submitted to EMSE, IST, and MSR (2023).



  1. N. C. Shrikanth. Taming Confusions in Software Engineering. (PhD Thesis 2021).
  2. N. C. Shrikanth, Suvodeep Majumder, and Tim Menzies. Early Life Cycle Software Defect Prediction. Why? How? (ICSE '21).
  3. N. C. Shrikanth, William Nichols, Fahmid Morshed Fahid, and Tim Menzies. Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Engineering. (EMSE'21, 📗ICSE'22 Journal-First).
  4. N. C. Shrikanth, and Tim Menzies. 2020. Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Defect Prediction. (ICSE '20 SEIP) 🏆 (Best Paper Nominee).
  5. Anurag Dwarakanath, N. C. Shrikanth, Kumar Abhinav, and Alex Kass. 2016. Trustworthiness in enterprise crowdsourcing: a taxonomy & evidence from data . (ICSE '16 SEIP).
  6. Anurag Dwarakanath, Upendra Chintala, Shrikanth N. C., Gurdeep Virdi, Alex Kass, Anitha Chandran, Shubhashis Sengupta, and Sanjoy Paul. 2015 . CrowdBuild: a methodology for enterprise software development using crowdsourcing .(CSI-SE ICSE '15).
  7. N. C. Shrikanth, and Tim Menzies. Assessing the Early Bird Heuristic (for Predicting Project Quality) (Accepted at TOSEM 2023).
  8. Mehdi Bahrami, N.C. Shrikanth, Shade Ruangwan, Lei Liu, Yuji Mizobuchi, Masahiro Fukuyori, Wei-Peng Chen, Kazuki Munakata, and Tim Menzies. 2021. PyTorrent: A Python Library Corpus for Large-scale Language Models (Under Review).
  9. Mehdi Bahrami, N.C. Shrikanth, Yuji Mizobuchi, Lei Liu, Masahiro Fukuyori, Wei-Peng Chen, Kazuki Munakata. 2021. AugmentedCode: Examining the Effects of Natural Language Resources in Code Retrieval Models (Under Review).


Industry Experience (2008 to 2022)

Granted Patents

  1. Incident prediction and prevention
  2. Method and system for visual requirements and component reuse driven rapid application composition
  3. Generating a test script execution order


  1. Sun Certified Java Programmer
  2. Sun Certified Web Component Developer

Teaching Assistant

  1. CSC 440 Database Management Systems - Instructor: Dr. Rada Chirkova
  2. CSC 495 Software Testing - Instructor: Dr. Kathryn T. Stolee
  3. CSC 510 Software Engineering - Instructors: Dr. Jamie Jennings, Dr. Nicholas A. Kraft, and Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill

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