N.C. Shrikanth



I am Shrikanth, a IV year Ph.D. student at North Carolina State University. I work with Dr.Menzies in his super cool Real-world Artifical Intelligence for Software Engineering lab.   Mostly, I enjoy examining software engineering data for a living. Previously, I was a Technology R&D Specialist at Accenture Labs Software Engineering Group where we innovated and published numerous insights in Crowdsourcing and Log Analysis space. Prior to that, I was a Software Engineer and Senior Systems Engineer at ABB India Ltd and Infosys Ltd where we built software products for banking and electrical domains. Recently, I interned at Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. where we augmented Deep learning-based Code Search Models to improve developer productivity.


  1. N. C. Shrikanth, Suvodeep Majumder, and Tim Menzies. Early Life Cycle Software Defect Prediction. Why? How? (To appear in ICSE '21).
  2. N. C. Shrikanth, William Nichols, Fahmid Morshed Fahid, and Tim Menzies. Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Engineering. (Under review).
  3. N. C. Shrikanth, and Tim Menzies. 2020. Assessing Practitioner Beliefs about Software Defect Prediction. (ICSE '20 SEIP) 🏆 (Best Paper Nominee).
  4. Anurag Dwarakanath, N. C. Shrikanth, Kumar Abhinav, and Alex Kass. 2016. Trustworthiness in enterprise crowdsourcing: a taxonomy & evidence from data . (ICSE '16 SEIP).
  5. Anurag Dwarakanath, Upendra Chintala, Shrikanth N. C., Gurdeep Virdi, Alex Kass, Anitha Chandran, Shubhashis Sengupta, and Sanjoy Paul. 2015 . CrowdBuild: a methodology for enterprise software development using crowdsourcing .(CSI-SE ICSE '15).

Industry Experience (2008 to 2020)

Granted Patents

  1. Incident prediction and prevention
  2. Method and system for visual requirements and component reuse driven rapid application composition
  3. Generating a test script execution order


  1. Sun Certified Java Programmer
  2. Sun Certified Web Component Developer

Teaching Assistant

  1. CSC 440 Database Management Systems
  2. CSC 495 Software Testing
  3. CSC 510 Software Engineering


Speech-To-Text Eclipse IDE Plugin

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